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On The Fiddle Recordings was set up in the early 1990s by the Levellers as their fan club label. 

The Levellers began commercially releasing albums on the renamed On The Fiddle Recordings in 2006.

Letters From The Underground put the Levellers back in the Top 30 in 2008 

With subsequent releases “Static On The Airwaves”, "Greatest Hits" and the 
2015 film documenting the rise of the Levellers - A Curious Life all reaching the Top 40, the label has established itself without any corporate backing.  
A re-packaged 25th anniversary of the Levellers' flagship album, Levelling The Land was issued in 2016 over three formats.

OTF Recordings' back catalogue also includes Levellers' front man, Mark Chadwick’s solo albums, "All The Pieces" and “Moment, Levellers’ 1990 debut album ‘A Weapon Called The Word’ and McDermott’s 2 Hours’ entire back catalogue

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