Singer, guitar
Mark Chadwick
Charlie Heather
Jon Sevink
Jeremy Cunningham
Simon Friend
Matt Savage
Stephen Boakes

Charlie Heather Drums

2nd February

Do you have a ritual that you always do,
before you go on stage?

Stretching with Jez! We do a bit of Karma Sutra

Do you still have a role to play in addressing the problems of our times or have you said all that needs to be said? Do you think we want a better world badly enough?
It’s up to you to make your life a better one, then that way you can help others

Over the years, do you recognise faces in the crowd from previous concerts?
All the time, but I’m awful at remembering people's names

What was the most rebellious thing you did at school?
Letting off fireworks in school

What makes for a truly great festival experience?
The right combination of good company, music, atmosphere, weather and beer… and drugs

If the situation were to arise, would you ever play a concert before the royal family?
I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, however if it was for a cause that I truly believed in then, who knows?

Do you find your views of the world’s political problems have changed with time?
Time changes the world's political problems all the time. My views change only on the information it’s based on