Singer, guitar
Mark Chadwick
Charlie Heather
Jon Sevink
Jeremy Cunningham
Simon Friend
Matt Savage
Stephen Boakes

Jon Sevink Violin

15th May

Eldest of four - two sisters, one brother

Birthplace and beyond
Harlow, Essex, Brighton

Football team
Brighton & Hove Albion FC

First record you bought
Jilted John

Instruments you play
Violin, kazoo, cardboard box, shakey stick

First band you joined
The Levellers

Musical Heroes
Hendrix, Strummer, Shakin' Stevens

First show you went to
Saxon \../ METAL!

Favourite Levellers show
Brixton Academy 1992

Favourite Levellers song
England, My Home, Beanfield

Do you have a ritual that you always do,
before you go onstage?

Walk to stage right, jump up and down for a bit, check ugliness of crowd, take fiddle from current stage slave, check tuning, take stage... and shout “Hello Cleveland!”

Do you still have a role to play in addressing the problems of our times or have you said all that needs to be said? Do you think we want a better world badly enough?
Anyone fancy a pint?

If you had to choose a new name for the band what would it be and why?
The Beatles – it might fool people long enough to make me very rich

What was the most rebellious thing you did at school?
I killed the school goldfish and the stick insects with nitric acid….uuurgh!

If you weren't in the Levellers, would you be a fan?
A stalker

If the situation were to arise, would you ever play a gig before the royal family?
I didn’t know they had a band!

What makes for a truly great festival experience?
Beautiful Days