Singer, guitar
Mark Chadwick
Charlie Heather
Jon Sevink
Jeremy Cunningham
Simon Friend
Matt Savage
Stephen Boakes

Stephen Boakes Didgeridoo

It's a secret

Brother and sister, both younger -
and in need of my wise guidance

Birthplace and beyond

Football team
Brighton and Hove Albion FC

First record bought
Shawaddywaddy - Under the Moon of Love

Instruments played
’Wooden trumpet’, and bass guitar at home
and out of tune

First band joined
Klanger and the Soupdragons

Musical Heroes
Steve Sevrin, Dave Grohl and loads more

First show you went to
It was either Siouxsie and the Banshees
or a local punk band - I can't be sure

Favourite Levellers show
Glastonbury Jazzworld Stage, 2005

Favourite Levellers song
Carry me

Do you have a ritual that you always do,
before you go onstage?
Putting on my make up etc – I get a bit stuck into pre gig rituals sometimes, and when I realise that is the case,
I stop them

Do you still have a role to play in addressing the problems of our times or have you said all that needs to be said? Do you think we want a better world badly enough?
I like opinions in lyrics rather than pulp, but I don’t think they have a big effect on their own, but as part of a greater push, they work

If you had to choose a new name for the band what would it be and why?

Do you get approached in the street much by fans and asked to sign autographs and pose for photos? 
No – I only wear drag on stage

In your opinion, what makes for a truly great festival experience?
Beautiful Days. No corporate sponsorship and decent food and beer available

If a movie were to be made of The Levellers, whom would you most like to play your part and why?
Mini Me