Levellers 12
Levellers 12 Levellers 12

Levellers 12" Record Box - EST '88


This vintage style vinyl crate will hold approximately 80 x 12" vinyl albums – enough room for all of your Levellers albums!

Handcrafted using traditional methods in solid wood with extra width to accommodate non standard outer covers & thick PVC sleeves, these record crates are designed specifically for vinyl.

Specification: EST’88 12" Vinyl record box.

Capacity: Approx 80 Vinyl 12" records

Size. External: W38cm cm. Internal: W34cm

Vintage Hand Finish

Solid wood constriction, rustic iron corner straps with side hand cut outs.

Flat sides & solid base panel to keep your vinyl straight and warp free

Manufactured from FSC & PEFC compliant sustainable timber.

*These boxes are all natural wood products made by hand & each one unique, the actual finish colour & print size may differ slightly from listing product image.