Levellers - A Weapon Called The Word (Vinyl LP)

Levellers - A Weapon Called The Word (Vinyl LP)


Having already gained a considerable reputation as a formidable live band, the release of “A Weapon Called The Word” in 1990 signified the beginning of a career that has, so far, spanned 30 years.

“A Weapon Called The Word” has the distinction of achieving BPI Gold status without ever charting and is the only Levellers album to feature founding member Alan Miles who was subsequently replaced by current vocalist and multi–instrumentalist Simon Friend.

Often cited by fans as the band’s best album, tracks such as “Carry Me”, Together All The Way” and “England My Home” are still played regularly in the live set; with several of the tracks featuring on the Levellers’ self released Greatest Hits package of 2014.

NOTE: This is the black vinyl version

Track listing

1 World Freakshow

2 Carry Me

3 Outside/Inside

4 Together All The Way

5 Barrel of the Gun

6 Three Friends

7 I Have No Answers

8 No Change

9 Blind Faith

10 The Ballad of Robbie Jones

11 England My Home

12 What You Know