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Live Dates

  • Jon Sevink + Dan Donnelly

    10th Oct 14


  • Jon Sevink + Dan Donnelly

    11th Oct 14


  • Mark Chadwick Solo

    25th Oct 14


  • Leas Cliff Hall

    29th Oct 14


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Levellers - Static On The Airwaves (Deluxe Edition) MP3 Levellers - Live at The Royal Albert Hall (Fanclub Edition) MP3 Levellers - Levelling the Land Live - MP3 Levellers - Letters from the Underground (inc. Bonus Tracks) MP3 Levellers - Carry Me 12 McDermott's 2 Hours v Levellers - Dirty Davey 7

Levellers Greatest Hits

Static on the airwaves cover

Levellers Greatest Hits has been compiled by the band themselves and is released 28th September.

Featuring all the Levellers' singles and videos together on one album for the first time plus brand new recordings of the band collaborating with Imelda May, Frank Turner, Bellowhead and the legendary Billy Bragg.

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