Singer, guitar
Mark Chadwick
Charlie Heather
Jon Sevink
Jeremy Cunningham
Simon Friend
Matt Savage
Stephen Boakes

Mark Chadwick Singer, guitar

23rd June

Musical Heroes
Hank Marvin

First gig you went to
Hank Marvin and The Marvelo’s

Favourite Levellers Show
The one where Hank Marvin joined in

Do you have a ritual that you always do,
before you go onstage?

One gallon of beer and 40 cigs!

Over the years, do you recognise faces in the crowd from previous concerts?
Of course

Do you mind signing autographs and posing for pictures in the street?
We’re gentlemen to the last

What makes for a truly great festival experience?
Shared moments of surprise

If a movie were to be made of The Levellers, whom would you most like to play your part and why?
Art Garfunkel or David Essex

Do you find your views of the worlds political problems have changed with time? 
No, they become clearer and more defined