Levelling The Land Fine Art Print

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As part of the Levelling the Land 2023 Remix project, Jeremy designed a brand version of the classic image, expanding the album artwork.

Available as a strictly limited edition fine art screen print on Fabriano 300gsm paper - there are only 50 available, signed and numbered by the artist.

The print is also authenticated with the official Levellers embossed stamp.

Dimensions - 112.5cm x 50cm

Jeremy says...

"When I first heard of this new LTL project I knew exactly what I had to do with the artwork. The same way the listener’s enjoyment has been amplified, so I had to expand the visual world. 

The triple gatefold format allowed for exactly that: I drew back the curtains a little more from the classic LTL cover scene, so now u can see the suburbs and what’s going on there! 

I decided on a black + white lino cut because I wanted to keep the same, iconic LTL image central, but having it look different at the same time; something familiar + yet not. Expanding the LTL world - 

I'm pleased to be able to offer this print, on a bigger scale than I can usually produce, using the finest paper and materials available, a process I save for only for my most iconic images". 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited availability, these prints are only available in the UK