Levellers - Collective: Together All The Way (Red Vinyl LP / CD)

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The last ‘Collective’ album was recorded at Abbey Road with the legendary John Leckie 5 years ago and resulted in the Levellers highest chart position in twenty years.
Jeremy “We always planned to do more but how do you top that? 
We decided on a more traditional, folk approach instead. This time with Sean Lakeman producing and Al Scott mixing, everything was recorded live, playing through the songs until we had versions we were happy with. It was truly a fun record to make, under the rigorous guidance of Sean. He's a musician himself, always bringing ideas and get out of jail free suggestions when we got stuck. It’s a stripped back, raw iteration of the collective with deep folk leanings. As energetic as the first one but definitely different.
We were joined again by Hannah Ollie and Rae from the Moulettes plus the mighty Dan Donnelly on his first official Levellers recording.