A Curious Life - The Story of the Levellers [VIDEO]

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A Curious Life 
The Story of the Levellers and 25 Years of “Subsidised Dysfunctionality”.
Despite over 25 years of rock ‘n’ roll excess and music press vitriol, the Levellers are still alive...and against all the odds – still going strong.
In Dunstan Bruce’s fascinating film ‘A Curious Life’; Jeremy Cunningham, the eccentric artist, archivist and whiskey loving bassist of the Levellers takes us on his journey; exploring how the band rose to fame – from headlining Glastonbury and the plethora of gold and platinum albums to the depths of drug-fuelled despair to ultimately surviving and thriving in the present day.
An uplifting tale that reminds us that behind every band there is always a struggle for expression, acceptance and survival; this is a touching, poignant and at times hilarious film, which destroys those long held preconceptions of the Levellers and forces you to reassess the band because the Levellers are clearly one of the original DIY bands and their unique way of working is evidence of that.