On The Fiddle Recordings

Locked away in the BBC archives for a quarter of a century, GLASTONBURY ‘94 was finally released in 2019 to mark its 25th anniversary.
JEREMY: Still the biggest crowd in front of the main stage - and it always will be according to Eavis ‘cos since then crowd control has got a lot more serious as they built the enormous fence to keep everyone out.


He was gracious enough to have us back after us famous c-word incident. He was actually between a rock and a hard place, so fair play.

This time we were headlining - following Rage Against The Machine - so we knew we had to bring our A game! 

Charlie was literally just out of hospital, having contracted pneumonia on our Spanish tour. I don’t recall doing any special rehearsals but we had been playing all summer up till Charlie’s illness …

This time the BBC recorded + Channel 4 filmed it. We could tell the crowd were mad for it from the off so we just went with the vibe + tried not to fuck it up!

I always remember Mark asking folks to stop climbing the mix tower… it was like being at Woodstock, Crazy!

  1. "100 Years Of Solitude"
  2. "Sell Out"
  3. "Broken Circles"
  4. "Lowlands Of Holland"
  5. "One Way"
  6. "Belarus"
  7. "Battle Of The Beanfield"
  8. "Julie"
  9. "Haven't Made It"
10. "World Freakshow"
11. "The Likes Of You And I"
12. "Dirty Davey"
13. "P.C. Keen"
14. "The Game"
15. "Fifteen Years"
16. "Another Man's Cause"
17. "English Civil War"
18. "The Riverflow"
19. "Warning"
20. "Liberty Song"
21. "What You Know"