On The Fiddle Recordings


Featuring original versions of hit singles Julie and This Garden along with the blistering rock classic, Belarus, LEVELLERS entered the UK album chart at Number 2, selling over 100,000 copies in the process.

JEREMY: The difficult third album!

Mark started writing this one in Glyn Johns’ house but had writer's block so we started again with Steve Lillywhite (of U2 fame) at Rockfield in Wales.

We couldn’t get the songs together, and moved through a ridiculous plethora of studios trying to write and record at the same time (something we’d never tried before).

We ended up in Peter Gabriel’s Real World studio - by which point we’d sacked Steve Lillywhite and were using his engineer, Marcus Dravs as producer. 

We were burnt out from 2 years touring and only just finished the final track - This Garden - as the gear was being loaded out on the last day - Intense times!

  1. "Warning" 
  2. "100 Years of Solitude"
  3. "The Likes of You and I" 
  4. "Is This Art?" 
  5. "Dirty Davey"
  6. "This Garden" 
  7. "Broken Circles" 
  8. "Julie" 
  9. "The Player" 
  10. "Belaruse"