On The Fiddle Recordings


In 1997, with more gold, silver and platinum albums than any other British band in the 1990s at the time (True!), the Levellers were rubbing shoulders with Britpop’s elite. What could go wrong?.

Featuring the hit singles What A Beautiful Day, Celebrate, Dog Train and Too Real, MOUTH TO MOUTH was a Top 5 album in September 1997, with the band being denied a second Number One by Radiohead, Oasis and The Prodigy....pretty good company!

But with titles like Beautiful Day and Celebrate deemed inappropriate after the untimely death of Princess Diana, they were dropped from radio playlists, never to return!

JEREMY: This started with the disaster of Jon breaking his hand or arm so he couldn’t play for shit. The rest of us would kinda leave bits for him to fill in once he recovered.

John Kelly was producing, fresh from doing the Beautiful South. He wanted to have everything very precise, which was interesting considering our shambolic ways!.

I remember it taking weeks to get the drum tracks done - all on old school 2” tape.

The cover is a painting with the colours slightly altered. The models were actually Mark with his then girlfriend Kate - an interesting little aside for you.   


  1. "Dog Train"
  2. "Beautiful Day"
  3. "Celebrate"
  4. "Rain and Snow"
  5. "Far Away"
  6. "C.C.T.V."
  7. "Chemically Free"
  8. "Elation"
  9. "Captains' Courageous"
  10. "Survivors"
  11. "Sail Away"
  12. "Too Real"