China Records

The first official 'hits' compilation, ONE WAY OF LIFE featured a new version of One Way along with single versions of all their other hits to date, giving the Levellers their sixth consecutive Top 20 album in the UK.

JEREMY: I remember being unconvinced about releasing this but eventually being persuaded by the record company as we could put some new stuff on it - and re-record & remix some old stuff like Hope St which we were never completely happy with.

So we went in with Al Scott producing again - we just bashed out the new stuff live with Andrew Scarth (Mouth To Mouth) mixing everything as we went. It was much more fun than we thought!

Shadow on the Sun was actually from the Mouth to Mouth sessions which we just couldn’t get right at the time. But it came together pretty quickly with our new vigour and production advice from Al.

Bozos was written by old friends of ours from Southampton, a band called Flik Spatula. It was a tune we'd often play in soundchecks so was pretty easy to record. A few months later a journalist told me she thought it reminded her of Republica (!) I was appalled + never listened to it again, haha!

  1. "One Way" (New Version)
  2. "What a Beautiful Day"
  3. "Fifteen Years"
  4. "Shadow on the Sun"
  5. "Hope St." (New Mix)
  6. "Belaruse" (New Mix)
  7. "Celebrate"
  8. "Too Real" (12")
  9. "Bozos"
  10. "This Garden"
  11. "Carry Me" (New Version)
  12. "Fantasy"
  13. "Julie" 
  14. "Dog Train" 
  15. "Far From Home"
  16. "Just the One"