On The Fiddle Recordings

The Levellers have been a gang on the road for over thirty years and, unable to tour due to the COVID19 lockdown, they were bored.
The band were as disappointed as the fans not to be playing the new songs but Simon was locked down in Scotland so a live stream was out of the question...What to do? 
Everything was recorded and filmed live, as it happened and what you can see and hear on THE LOCKDOWN SESSIONS is the Levellers few people get to see. 


JEREMY: After sitting on our fat asses for over 6 months during the global pandemic we finally thought we’d better do something to

a) keep us interested

b) keep the band name alive


c) get some money in for us + the Metway crew!

We didn’t want to go down the live streaming route so instead we set up an app + made this record!

Initially we were releasing the Lockdown Sessions videos monthly on the app, the band playing live in the Metway with Simon recording his parts at home in Scotland.

Then Jon would mix the sound + send to Steve Moore (who runs our record label) to edit the video of the performance….

Partly the songs were what we wanted to play live - new stuff from Peace, partly fan requests + then some of the big hits for good measure.

After a while of doing that we thought oooh this might make a cool album - A ‘thank u’ to the fans n folks that got us thru the lockdown years - so that’s what happened!

The cover is one of my lino cuts showing the four horsemen of the apocalypse - very apt for a record conceived + recorded during the pandemic.

The app is still up + running giving out free Levs news + backstage nonsense, lots of rare music + videos for u over there …. But I digress 

  1. "Generation Fear"
  2. "Our New Day"
  3. "Calling Out"
  4. "Food Roof Family"
  5. "The Men Who Would Be King"
  6. "Four Boys Lost"
  7. "One Way"
  8. "Hope Street"
  9. "Truth Is"
10. "Carry Me"
11. "The Cholera Well"