On The Fiddle Recordings


ZEITGEIST reached Number One on the UK album chart and includes three Top 20 singles - Hope Street, Fantasy and the original version of Just The One, which was later re-recorded with The Clash legend, Joe Strummer, culminating in several Top Of The Pops appearances.

JEREMY: Having been thru the stress of writing and recording at the same time we resolved to have all our songs written beforehand, like we used to.

To do this we decided to buy a rehearsal room + put our office there as well, for ease of communication.

So that’s how Metway started.

We used the album advance to build a little studio (well All Scott did, who was producing again) next to the rehearsal space + made the album like that. Very organically - recording all over the massive old, empty building before we started renting it out to other artists etc…

  1. "Hope St."
  2. "The Fear"
  3. "Exodus"
  4. "Maid of the River"
  5. "Saturday to Sunday"
  6. "4 A.M."
  7. "Forgotten Ground"
  8. "Fantasy"
  9. "P.C. Keen"
  10. "Just the One"
  11. "Haven't Made It"
  12. "Leave This Town"
  13. "Men-an-Tol"