Nick Burbridge & Tim Cotterell - Resloved (mp3 / WAV)

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Nick Burbridge and Tim Cotterell’s Resolved is ten songs interspersed with sung 'tanka' – where themes constantly engage and, as it unfolds, the sheer commitment involved speaks for itself.

By the end of the recording, the listener feels as if they have been guided on a journey confronting all kinds of major personal and political challenges, whose true significance they only realise when it concludes.

Musically, varying from Dylan-type narratives, through ornamental ballads reminiscent of Dick Gaughan or Planxty, to a unique form Burbridge and Cotterell have made their own, where weathered and assertive voice and guitar weave in and out of subtly textured sound, the album achieves a coherence few others match.

It isn’t a swashbuckling live McDermott’s Two Hours record, it’s an album that decisively substantiates Burbridge’s credentials as a playwright, novelist, and, above all, poet.

magnificent, insightful…immediately captures the listener’s ear…’ (fRoots)

subtle musical and lyrical nuances revealing themselves on repeated listens’ (R2)