The Lockdown Sessions - The Video Album

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The Levellers have been a gang on the road for over thirty years and, unable to tour since the aborted ‘Peace’ album shows early in 2020, the Levellers were bored.
The band were as disappointed as the fans not to be playing the new songs but Simon was locked down in Scotland so a live stream was out of the question...What to do? 
The Levellers’ DIY ethic has always been their biggest asset and if they were going to play to an empty room, it had be where they always play - Metway Studio - their home for over 25 years. 
COVID restrictions were being lifted and the studio was booked for 2nd November to run through the Peace tour set list, and film it over a couple of weeks. Hopefully Simon could join them. 
BOOM! 31st October, another nationwide lockdown was announced beginning 5th November. And the band played on, with Simon adding his parts remotely when the band sent him the tapes.

Everything was recorded and filmed live, as it happened and what you can see and hear on The Lockdown Sessions is the Levellers few people get to see. 
The excitement of being back together is palpable - old friends doing what they do best.
Having a riot. Of their own. 
Track listing
Generation Fear / Calling Out / The Men Who Would Be King / Four Boys Lost / One Way / Hope Street / Truth Is / Carry Me / The Cholera Well / Food Roof Family / Our New Day