From the band

"Hi everyone here is a quick message we would like you to check out regarding our touring crew if you’ve got a second, thank you …. the Levellers have always toured as a family, one really big happy one. Band and crew mixing it up together. Often when we are out and about on tour people can’t even tell us apart when they meet us, that’s how close we are. Many fans of the band see us as one, which is how it should be. As we move on through these mental Covid times income has become an issue: no gigs no money. As an act of faith we have set up a PayPal crew Donate facility in order to raise some money for our touring crew. Only from those who feel able to help . As a group we want to make it through to the other side of covid as intact as possible. Really appreciate your time everybody. Here’s to the other side."
Much love Levellers"