New On The Fiddle 7"Single - Interrobang‽

New On The Fiddle 7"Single - Interrobang‽

Former Chumbawamba frontman and director of  'A Curious Life' - Dunstan Bruce - is now fronting a new band; Interrobang‽.

The debut single, Are You Ready People is the first in a 3 part series of 7” singles released via the Levellers' On the Fiddle Recordings label.

Interrobang‽ reject the idea of nostalgia and refuse to live in the past, no looking back; this is all forward, forward motion.

With a vision to create something that speaks to the generation who grew up in the shadow of punk, with hopes and dreams, full of rebellion. How do they express their anger now?

Are You ready People can be awkward, uneasy listening; but it can also shake you, rattle your aging bones and send you helter-skeltering onto the dancefloor with its frantic, skewed staccato pop that buzzes like a fridge.

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