Beautiful Days In

By popular demand we are releasing two exclusive 'BEAUTIFUL DAYS IN! COVID CANCELLED T-SHIRTS' 🎶😷

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Each design is available in Mens & Ladies and in various sizes. Orders will be taken until the end of July and t-shirts sent out soon after - in time for Beautiful Days IN.......

We know many of you are planning to celebrate Beautiful Days during the weekend in August when we should have all been together in Escot Park so if you want to, you can now get the t-shirt to go with your festival at home (or slightly further afield if you're allowed to by then)!

We won't be holding a 'virtual festival' - Beautiful Days takes place outside in green fields and we can't even come close to replacing what we were going to do for you at #BD2020 but we will be helping to add to your celebrations with playlists, sharing memories from past BDs, offers from some of our friends and we will be looking out for photos online during that weekend for the MADDEST HATS made and worn, with some of the best being chosen by Levellers to win tickets to #BD2021


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